Special school is our first creative venture considering the importance of parental involvement in every activity of the child and the emphasis made by the specialist for the involvements of parents in training program, the necessity to have a special school of our own was very much felt. Manochaitanya became reality on 8th September 1986. We are having more than 70 Special children. They are given services by special educators, Para Medical staff and other staff members imparting specialized training to the students in the following fields: 

Personal skills:  we train our children in daily living skills, which enable them to do their daily chores like eating, dressing, grooming etc. the main purpose of this training is to infuse confidence in them, , to make them feel that, they are quite efficient and can attend to their daily activities with more confidence then ever as the normal children of their age group. 

Social skills: To develop work habits and right attitudes towards work, and to improve communication skills, to develop life survival and safety skills. To provide opportunities for generalizing the learnt skills to daily life and work situation.

Academics : We have implemented individualized education program based on individualized assessment for the purpose. We give training to children according to their nature, capability and severity of disability. Based on each child’s level of functioning, teaching aids and learning materials are preferred to benefit them. We give additional attention to each child with a view to improve their activities of daily living, functional academic skills, and many more. 

Occupational & Recreational: We train our children in a systematic manner as a part of an intervention program where they are trained according to their ability and age. Periodic evaluation is done to check the effect of therapy program on the corresponding children. 

The other services include:

Physiotherapy:In order to deal with the physical demands of the children, we possess a physiotherapy wing with all required equipments. Having a qualified physiotherapist and few trained staff in it, we strive to enhance the capacity of the children towards functional independence.

Speech Therapy:Proper communication skills are important for expressing their needs and emotions. Regular prayer, chanting of mantras as one of the techniques for developing language & communication skills. This will enable the children to improve their memory retention capability and also enhance their attention, concentration etc.

Occupational Therapy: we help the children to learn use their leisure time productively, handle their symptoms, get them back to work, or help them learn life sills such as healthy choices, assertiveness or relaxations skills, managing their stress.

Physical Training:For improving gross and fine motor muscle movements, physical exercise is regularly practiced in the school. State of the art equipments are also provided for physical exercises.

Yoga:  This helps the adolescents in enhanced co-ordination, increased attention span and reducing hyperactivity.

Counseling & Home Base training:The Family members of mentally retarded are given comprehensive training by a team of highly qualified professionals, periodically both at the school premises and at their homes alternatively for the parents and siblings of these children.  

Computer Training:  A Comprehensive computer training program aims at making the child proficient in basic applications like MS Office internet etc. Most children with consistent access to a computer over the period are eventually able to power the machine, start up a pre-loaded application, operate the CD-ROM, quit the application, and access the internet from the desktop. This training program can help the children who have difficulty in writing. Adaptive facilities are provided to the children according to the individual needs. 

Games dance & Music & others:We encourage playing games and dancing to music so as to achieve holistic development of the children.  The school had sent children for Special Olympics interstate and also national level competitions. Regular extracurricular activities like craftwork, painting & drawing etc are conducted in order to nurture children’s hidden talents and develop their creative skills.