To bring the parents of intellectually disabled persons under one association to work for the empowerment, care, training, treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally challenged persons.

To educate, train, impart vocational training, social inclusion and provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to  the Intellectually challenged 

To counsel parents and provide psychological and social support.

To help intellectually challenged to lead a normal life.

To fight for human rights and social justice, against exploitation, abuse and discrimination by retention of the rights of persons with intellectually challenged.

To help the parents and other members of the family of intellectually challenged in solving their problems.

To enable and empower persons with intellectually challenged to live as independently and as fully as possible within and as close to the community to which they belong.

To work in close collaboration with Government and other NGO’s for providing quality services to the persons with intellectually disabled.

To impart such training so as to make every child self-reliant and reduce the burden for their parents.

To integrate these children with society.

Every person with mental retardation deserves the best possible care education and rehabilitation in his life.