PAMENCAP, involving the parents of the persons with intellectually disabled at every stage of intervention and training. At Present we are having two venturesManochaitanya (Special School for Intellectually disabled children up to 18 years of age) and Prasikshana (Vocational Training Centre for Intellectually disabled persons above 18 years of age).

We have trained and qualified special teachers, and paramedical staff. It has facilities like Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Dance Music Physical Training. Periodic checkup of special students by specialized medical professional viz Psychiatrist, ENT Specialist, Dental etc., is also being organized at regular intervals. Special students are given training in the following 

§  Special Education                                                                                                       

§  Behavior Modification                                                                                            

§  Psychotherapy                                                                             

§  Occupational Therapy        

§  Speech Therapy

§  Psychological Assessment

§  Counseling & Guidance          

§  Vocational Assessment & Training

§  Physiotherapy

§  Yoga, Physical & Sports Training

§  Dance & Music

§  Placement Assistance

PAMENCAP regularly takes all the special children to excursions, picnic spots, and holy places and also to various amusement places and recreational Outings to develop social behavior skills and learn to interact with outside world.

School bus: a school bus plies to certain areas in twin cities in the morning to pick up and drops the children who require the facility.

Mid day lunch: Providing mid day meals for the poor special students and their widow mothers who are working with the school and also to Ayahs.

Parents meet:Group meetings, which are organized every month to orient the parents about the special needs of children. Concerned professional are invited to help and guide the parents and to the special needs of children,and also to answer their queries. These meetings support parents for developing social, emotional and vocational support for habilitation facilities.