Whatever be the education of the person, the ultimate goal is to prepare him for some vocation. The preparation for vocation is known as prevocational skill, keeping this in view, vocational Training center was started on 8th December 1990. Presently the unit is managed by above 10 vocational instructors and staff members.

Sincere efforts put in by the professionals and management of the organization lead to the conclusion that these mentally disabled persons can be economically independent either partially or fully if trained properly. Thus the mentally retarded individuals can lead a successful life by becoming independent in personal, social and occupational spheres. For the achievement of the goal, a carefully planned training program is carried out at different levels. Students with modest to severe group of mental retardation are introduced to pre- vocational training once the students reach the age of 14. Having limited mental capacities these students cannot be expected to continue in a purely educational program till adulthood like their normal counterparts. After they have learnt functional academics they have to be trained in skills, which will lead to economic independence. Our emphasis is to train them in any vocational skill according to the ability of our students for developing them into self- sufficient and self-reliant young adults. These trained skills can be carried out from home under the supervision of any family member or attendant.

Here students are undergoing training in different vocations. The activities include.


  •   Candle Making
  •   Paper Bag Making
  •   Greeting Cards Making
  •   Tailoring
  •   Screen Printing
  •   STD/PCO Centre